I am quite happy with the way my dream was given a path at Admissions Abroad. I had a homely experience. I was honestly really confused about where to go for my masters, which country to choose and which university would be the best for me. Moreover, I did not have the time or the state of mind to go through thousands to universities without even knowing what’s good for me. Kani and Archit were extremely helpful in giving me all the possible input and helped me in making an informed decision about the course and expenses. They narrowed down my choices and gave me a shortlist of only the best-suited Universities. I finally made my decision to go take up my Post graduation at Macquarie University in Australia. It was their guidance that I was able to find a university that was a perfect fit for me. They carried out everything perfectly till date I left for Australia with a positive attitude. They made my dream to study in Australia come true.
Thanks a ton, Admissions Abroad!!

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