Admissions Abroad has been a great sport in my overall journey. This is a team consisting of enthusiastic youth talent with humongous knowledge about each and every university around the globe, understanding our needs and catering to them in the right path is their specialty. Our research was on selecting good universities in Australia. Kani and Sandhya were very dedicated in classifying and listing down the universities without altering choices which usually other consultancies do. They didn’t force me to get into any of the partner universities. Finally, we settled with the top Universities. After being sure of my universities we started the application process for the group 8 universities and I’m happy to say that I didn’t have to handle any aspect of it at all. They made sure everything was as it was needed and were there to help in every step. I was impressed by how thorough they were in making sure that their student is ready to be for the interviews. They conducted Graduate temporary entrant mocks which boosted my morale before the actual interview from the university representative. Finally got admits from all the three top universities of group 8 i.e; University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and finally Monash. I am thankful to the team for helping me with SOP LOR and the complete admission process. Thanks a ton for setting my career path right.

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