We conduct a thorough profile analysis and collaborate closely with the student to address any areas where the profile may require improvement. Taking into account the student’s academic profile, career objectives, financial considerations, and any additional criteria they may have, we diligently determine the most suitable country for their educational pursuits.


Based on the academic profile, work goals, budget and any other criterion that the client may have we work to identify the country best suited for the client.


Utilizing the data furnished by the student, we undertake the task of shortlisting universities. Our approach is designed to offer a balanced selection that includes dream, reach, and safety universities. This strategy maximizes the likelihood of successful admissions, striving to bring the student as close to a 100% acceptance rate as possible.


Statement of Purpose (SOPs) and Letters of Recommendation (LORs) are critical components that can significantly influence the outcome of your application to the Admissions Committee. Our expertise lies in assisting students in crafting compelling drafts that effectively convey their unique narratives and persuasively present their case.


We understand that a substantial portion of Indian applications face rejections, often attributed to incompleteness or inaccuracies. At Admissions Abroad, we prioritize meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each application is meticulously completed to 100%, leaving no room for the possibility of rejection.


We provide comprehensive assistance to students in their pursuit of scholarships, assisting them in identifying eligible opportunities. Our support extends to crafting scholarship essays that effectively showcase their qualifications. Furthermore, we offer guidance on educational loans and help students navigate part-time work options while pursuing their education abroad.


Following the application submission, we undertake the responsibility of liaising with the university on behalf of the student to obtain the offer letter. Additionally, we provide support in the finalization of the I20 / CAS / COE documentation, ensuring a smooth transition into the student’s academic journey abroad.


Our commitment to students extends to comprehensive guidance throughout the visa application process. This includes aiding in document verification, assisting with scheduling visa appointments and managing all related procedures. To ensure our students are fully prepared, we conduct multiple mock visa interviews until they are confident in their ability to succeed. Our track record of achieving 100% success with our students in their visa interviews speaks to the dedication and diligence we bring to each case.


We also offer complete guidance and help the student with the verification of documents to be submitted for the visa, booking of dates and other processes.

We conduct several mock visa interviews till we feel that that the student is confident to attend the visa interview. We have been 100% successful with our students attending the VISA Interview and that by itself is a testimony of our diligence.


We believe in thorough preparation for visa interviews, conducting multiple mock interviews until the student exudes confidence. Our exceptional track record of achieving a 100% success rate in student visa interviews is a testament to our unwavering commitment and meticulous approach.

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